May 11 & 12, 2022 - Luxembourg

Designing the European Cross-Border Solution

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The EBSILUX Designathon is a free event focused on helping educational and human resources institutions to be among the firsts to be ready to adopt a  European diplomas use case that allows the issuing of diplomas by authorized organization and the verification of those diplomas validity using the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) and have a first-hand experience with a large European project.

Professionals working with diplomas in some way have 2 days to develop concepts through design thinking to make the solution accessible to a wider audience.

At the end of the workshop, teams will present their concept to subject matter experts. All the concepts will be shared with EBSI  and participants will be credited upon selection of their concept.

The event will be organised in such a way to fully respect the sanitary measures decided by the government.


This unique event is the first to be organised in the context of the European Diplomas use case and is co-funded by the European Union.

Participants will be grouped in teams of 3 – 6 people with different skills and will have 2 days to develop an innovative concept based on the tamperproof European diplomas tool. Each team will get an allotted time to present their concept idea in front of an audience.

Who Can Apply

Applications are open to individual participants. As the Designathon is related a European diplomas use case, participants should be working with diplomas in some way such as people from the diploma office, Human Resources, IT Engineers, Project Managers and Designers. Team members need to be 18+.

The number of participants will be limited. Registrants will be informed by email whether their application is accepted.

Why Participating

Be The First

to become familiar with this European tool and be prepared for widespread adoption


your internal diploma validation process & hiring process by quickly validating documents

Get visibility

for your institution by being mentioned in communication materials.

Valuable experience

for an easier connection to the database & familiarisation with technologies used

Network & learn

with like-minded people and meet experts who will guide you

Free food & drinks

Enjoy free meals and refreashments during the two-day workshop


Important Dates


    April 29

      Registrations close


    May 11

      The Designathon begins


    May 12

      Concepts presentation

Event Partners