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Credentials provide recognition of the academic achievements that students have earned at your institution. But, when credentials are still given out strictly in a physical format, it results in a lack of recipient ownership — creating verification delays for your students and alumni.

The EBSILUX Diplomas use case aims to provide digital, secure and verifiable credentials that a student can take with them anywhere.

Empower your alumni with the ability to quickly provide other institutions or employers their credentials for faster enrollment, degree or hiring decisions. And, as businesses increasingly prefer digital credentials for evaluating candidates, this solution can also help strengthen relationships between employers and your institution.

Make Talent Decisions
Based on Verified Skills

Current Credential and Employment Verification methods are extremely outdated and inaccurate. They require manual processing which makes the process expensive, time-consuming, and prone to error on multiple levels.  

EBSILUX is providing a modern solution: a cost-effective, privacy-focused service for organizations and individuals to exchange and validate credential data. 

EBSILUX offers a streamlined solution for validating education credentials. Organizations can easily request and monitor verified credentials of employees, alumni, and more.

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