EBSILUX Becomes EBSI Compliant Through Walt.id

Since February 2022, the EBSILUX Project and walt.id have partnered to develop an EBSI compliant digital wallet for the project.

Dominik Beron, Co-founder and CEO of walt.id, presents the Vienna-based provider of self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions for governments and businesses across industries and explains more about being EBSI compliant.

Can you introduce walt.id?

“Walt.id offers an easy and fast way for developers & organizations to use Self-Sovereign Identity. Our products – SSI Kit and Wallet – are fully open source (Apache 2) and already used by various governments, public authorities and businesses across industries (e.g. education, HR, banking, marketplaces). Moreover, all solutions are built on open standards (W3C, DIF, OIDF, EBSI) and support a growing number of identity ecosystems across the globe.”

Walt.id is in the final stage of becoming EBSI wallet compliant. Can you please explain what being EBSI complaint means and how to be EBSI compliant?

“In order to use EBSI, a wallet is needed for the end user (to onboard, to request issuance and verify credentials). EBSI has certain specifications for wallets that are tested through a WCT (Wallet Conformance Test). You can find out more about the testing process here.

“Walt.id’s wallet is one of the first to become EBSI compliant, which will help us tremendously with our market positioning in the emerging European Identity Ecosystem.”

Can you talk about walt.id use cases?

“Walt.id provides decentralised identity infrastructure that can be used across sectors and verticals. For example, developers and organisations already rely on our solutions to build use cases in education, HR/employment, banking and financial services, marketplace, web3 among others. However, education is definitely one of the most dominant industries at the moment, not at least due to the EBSI early adopter programme. Most of the use cases involve creating verifiable diplomas for university students both domestically and internationally. Some are also working on student IDs and micro credentials, which are proofs for different types of educational achievements.”

Can you explain the collaboration between walt.id and EBSILUX?

“EBSILUX is currently using walt.id’s open source solutions (SSI Kit & wallet) to create interoperable and cross-border verifiable diplomas for the University of Luxembourg. The EBSILUX project team screened the market for solutions that are open source, compliant with EBSI and the new EU identity standards (ESSIF) and are easy to use and implement. Walt.id checked all the boxes, and with that the collaboration started.”

How will people benefit from this collaboration?

“Various parties will benefit from this collaboration:

  1. Students: they will be able to hold their university records, present their records at any time with whoever they want (universities, potential employers, etc)
  2. Universities: the issuance and verification is a much easier and less costly process with Self-Sovereign Identity.
  3. Potential employers: they will be able to verify and receive information about applicants in a seamless way. Additionally, it will be possible for employers to see students’ achievements through micro-credentials that were not possible before helping them make hiring decisions.”