After discussing of the first and second phases of the project with the Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT)’s FINATRAX Research Group, we talked with Adnan Imeri, Technical Lead at Infrachain who revealed the current phase of the project and how the corporate community organization is contributing to EBSILUX.

Can you present Infrachain?

“Infrachain is a corporate community organization that pushes blockchain technology into operation. We are a privately driven non-profit organization with public sector support created by the emerging blockchain industry. Our activities take place at the different domains of application to push operations by sharing expertise (research and market analysis), operating different blockchain nodes (including a European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) Node) and disseminating information over the current state of operational blockchain use case.”

Why did Infrachain join the EBSILUX project?

“As our aim is to push the blockchain operation, EBSILUX was the right project to support our mission. It considers a real-world use case, such as issuing verifiable credentials for digital diplomas.  This use case is undoubtedly associated with thousands of students, and its impacts are related to trust improvement concerning University applications and job applications, as well as improving efficiency in verifying diplomas in cross-border contexts. EBSILUX is an example of using blockchain technology to unlock sovereignty of the user over its data, i.e., student information, including efficiency on verifying information in cross-border context.”

How is Infrachain involved in the project?

“Our contribution to this project is in many fields.”

“Firstly, on the EBSI blockchain network level, Infrachain operates and manages an EBSI node, part of the EBSILUX project.”

“Secondly, we participated in requirements gathering to deeply understand the process of diploma issues and to further adapt and develop them within the EBSILUX project. Complementary to that, we also participated in the technical group to support the development of the technological functionality of the EBSILUX project.”

“Thirdly, Infrachain leads the communication and dissemination activities to inform audiences of the progress of the project and opportunities offered by the mentioned technologies.”

“Last but not least, continuously organizing related events such as “designathon” to engage the audience outside the EBSILUX consortium in order to share EBSILUX benefits for potential early adopters.”

What project phase are you currently in, and what does it involve?

“Currently, we are at the demonstration level. We have created sustainable technical development to allow us to prove concepts in the diploma use case. The developed solution is compliant with the EBSI Wallet requirements and lets us practically demonstrate an end-to-end process and initiation from holders (students), issuers (universities), and verifiers (private-public companies or universities).”